FAQ for Package & Lesson Structure

Can I have a trial class before committing the tuition package?

Absolutely! We understand your concerns that you would like to know more about the tutor, his/her teaching style and the interaction with your child. Therefore, trial lessons are chargeable on a per-lesson basis. If you decide not to continue with a tutor after the trial lesson, you will only be required to pay the fees incurred for the trial lesson.

What is the duration of each lesson in the package?

Each lesson is 1.5 hours (90 min).

Can the package be rolled over to next year? (E.g. My child is Primary 3 this year and I bought the 24-lessons package only in August. My tutor is a diploma holder and her price tier increase for Primary 4 levels)

Yes, we offer Parents the flexibility.

  1. We can refund Parents on any unused lessons OR
  2. The amount for unutilized lessons can be used to offset the next package purchased from us.

My child’s friend is interested to join in the class. Can I share the package with my child’s friend?

Our package and lessons are non-transferable. Siblings / Friends who wish to engage the same tutor will have to purchase own individual package. Please let us know of this arrangement or you can join Small Group Tuition. Click here to find out more. (Put link to “here” to direct to “Small Group Tuition” page.

Is there any administrative fee?

Yes, a one-time administrative fee of S$25 is required upon purchase of package and confirmation of class

How do I register my child for a group tuition?

Search through the list of group tuition that are listed on our website, and apply for the one that your child is interested in joining. We will then contact the tutor on your behalf to enquire if there are vacancies for your child. If so, we would then contact you to inform you about the class.

What are the rates of the group tuition?

The rate is according to the number of lessons in the package you purchase from us.

FAQ for Tutors

How do I become a tutor with MacrayanTutor?

Simply fill in this form, submit your application, and wait for the outcome of your application.

To speed up your application process, it is recommended that you submit supporting documents to verify your credentials. Processing may take some time due to overwhelming number of applicants. We need to review your profile to ensure we have the right candidate to join us.

What is the minimum age of a tutor to register at MacrayanTutor?

Tutor must be at least 18 years old to qualify.

What is the minimum qualifications do I need to be a tutor at MacrayanTutor?

You should possess at least a Diploma qualifications.

How will I receive tuition jobs?

Home tuition assignments will be sent to tutors via our telegram. Tutors who join us will be asked to join our telegram channel. We regret that only shortlisted tutors for home tuition assignment will be notified.

Can I commit to a tuition frequency, and change it after the first month?

Yes you can. However, we strongly encourage you to abide to the agreed frequency as this is usually confirmed upon confirmation of class. Any changes to the class schedule have to be communicated to the Parent and MacrayanTutor.

How much commission do I need to pay MacrayanTutor?

At MacrayanTutor, we believe reliable, experienced and honest tutors should be paid fairly and we hope to achieve high retention of our tutors. With regard to our commission, we hold 20% commission per hour of the package. You may take up as many assignments as you wish within a month. You will be paid at the end of the month.

How will I be paid?

Tutors will be paid by MacrayanTutor directly.

What happens if the student terminates the assignment before completing the designated number of lessons for the first month?

If the tuition is terminated before the end of cycle (i.e. end of 4/12/24 lessons), you will be paid based on the completed lessons.

Will Macrayan Tutor report my earning as an employee/freelancer to our tax authority?

No, we will not help to file your earnings. You are responsible to report your earnings to your tax authority yearly.

How do you ensure that I am paid correctly?

To avoid disputes between Tutor, Tutee and MacrayanTutor, tutors will be given a timesheet for each assignment. The timesheet contains information such as tutee’s information, residential address, number of lessons in package etc. You are supposed to sign and obtain the Parent’s signature as proof of lesson delivery. At the end of the 4th lesson, you are to submit the timesheet to MacrayanTutor for us to tabulate your pay.

FAQ for Students & Parents

How do I request for a tutor?

Requesting for a tutor is very simple. You can either submit a request for a home tutor through our request form or contact us at (65) 8815 9981.

Is there any charges if I request a tutor from MacrayanTutor?

Our service is absolutely free of charge. You are only required to pay full package fee directly to MacrayanTutor before commencement of class.

You are to make payment to MacrayanTutor by the due date stated in the official invoice. Upon receiving the full payment, we will then send you a message to confirm class.

Do I pay directly to tutors?

No. You pay directly to MacrayanTutors and we will pay our tutors.

How do I pay the package fee to MacrayanTutor?

You will be issued with an official invoice via email once tuition details are confirmed. You are required to pay the full package price to MacrayanTutor before the due date stated in the invoice. Upon receiving the full payment, we will then send you a message to confirm class.

You can pay the fees to MacrayanTutor via these methods:

  1. Inter-Bank Transfer
  2. Cheque payable to One Macrayan Pte Ltd (Please indicate the invoice number on the reverse side of the cheque)
  3. PayNow
  4. AMEX / VISA / MasterCard

Please note the following:

  1. It is your responsibility to keep track of all payments made and bank records as proof of transactions
  2. Please do not pass cheque to tutors.
  3. For our verification, please inform us when payment is done.

Can I change the tutor if I am dissatisfied with him/her?

Yes, replacement of tutor is free. For any reason that the tutor did not meet your expectation, you may call MacrayanTutor for a change of tutor and we will help to assist on the lesson cancellation and finding a replacement for you.

We are constantly getting feedbacks about our tutors, do contact us and let us know the reason for the replacement.

Is there a minimum commitment period?

No. There is no minimum commitment period AFTER the first lesson.  After the tuition details are confirmed and invoice is sent to your email, there is a minimum binding contract of completing the first lesson. Should the Parent/Student wish to cancel lesson/change Tutor after the first lesson, they may do so by contacting their respective tuition coordinators.

How long does it take to receive a suitable tutor for me?

Upon receiving your online form request, our coordinators will contact you within 1 business day to confirm receipt of request. Typically, you will receive a list of suitable tutors for shortlisting within 2 to 3 business days.

How does MacrayanTutor ensure that the recommended tutor is suitably qualified?

Providing suitably qualified tutors is what we do. We have a stringent procedure in verifying the accuracy of the information provided by our tutors and will assess the tutors’ suitability for a particular assignment before recommending your child to them.

Is it possible to find more details of the tutors on MacrayanTutor?

To protect the privacy of our tutors, we will only be able to share the tutor’s information with you over phone calls or emails, and not on the public internet.